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Mustafa Ali Frustrated? Following WWE Hell In A Cell

Mustafa Ali had a really bad night in his hometown. The Chicago native lost to WWE United States Champion Theory last night at WWE Hell In A Cell. To make this more baffling is that the devious Theory beat the plucky local hero without any kind of shenanigans or chicanery.

After the defeat Ali would tweet the following: “i don’t even know man,” the 36-year-old superstar tweeted, not long after the loss.

The five-word response said volumes, as the defeat was yet another setback for the frustrated Ali. Ali has been sidelined by a request for release that was not granted and was kept off WWE programming from October of 2021 until his return on April 25th. Tempers flared backstage during this time, but now that Ali has been back on television, many seemed hopeful, as evidenced by recent appearances on The Bump and Corey Graves’s After The Bell podcast

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