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Wrestling with the Paranormal is as unique

as the name suggests. We are the only paranormal

podcast, made by wrestling fans for wrestling fans 

Join us on YouTube every Friday night as

Canada Dry and Liam "The Magician"

We talk about the world of wrestling,

and then we go straight into the strange,

weird and scary

That is Wrestling With the Paranormal 

each episode is spine-tingling

with a side of comedy

The Paranormal

  "WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT NOTHING UNTIL NOTHING IS ENOUGH" The love child of Canada Dry and JFB, The All F'N Wrestling Show is a podcast/Show for wrestling fans by wrestling fans. Whether we are talking with the top Indie Wrestling Talent, doing our awesome Top 5 lists, deep diving on our favorite wrestlers or shows, we do this because we love talking about wrestling.

Never a dull moment, we are often hilarious but sometimes serious, we pay homage to the art and craft of professional wrestling and the over the top athletes.  If you are interested, click on the button and give us a listen.

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The All F'N Wrestling Show


F'N Wrestling on the radio

"Wrestling With FanBoy Mark Jabroni's Ring Rust has been Slamming Wrestling News on Its Back Since 2002!

Coupling pre-per-views & pay-per-reviews with the most swasome wrestling tunage to embiggen even the smarkest fans~ {Yes, I talk like this a lot!}

Tune in via iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts 

The Magic Of Wrestling

Liam and Jeremy, 

brings their unique take on the business and

fandom of professional wrestling. 

They bring the cheap heat

and expensive thrills

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Who doesn't like free stuff.

Well, we do too and that's

why we're giving away some

free stuff to our listeners.

It's actually pretty simple. 

Click on the button to subscribe to our and you're automatically

entered into the drawing.

All for just listening to a

podcast and getting our

email blast. 

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