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Think you know what the outcome of a match is going to be even before they step in the ring?  Do we have a place for you.

AFW is F'N Wrestling's Premiere Prediction League on Facebook.  We do predictions on AEW Dynamite, Rampage and PPV'S.  Our GM, Dally books matches and you'll go against the best of the best.  Hell...You might even take on The JFB or Canada Dry!!!

Click on the button and join the Greatest Prediction League on the Facebook Gimmick!

AFW Predictions Rules Season 3

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This is an AEW wrestling predictions league that takes place on Facebook and has a group chat in messenger. Predictions are to be due by the time Dynamite or the PPV Pre-Show begins. I will send out a form a day or two before each show and you’ll be in matches with the other predictors in the league. Win those matches and you will earn points.

We are in this league to have fun & make friends. You can do video or written promos on your opponents but never make any attacks on their personal life. Racism, bullying, transphobia, and homophobia isn’t tolerated and will result in being removed from the league. Minor offenses will be handled and dealt with per GM’s discretion but could result in suspension. We strive to make this environment as enjoyable and friendly as possible while still having some good competitive rivalries.  I know some may compete in other leagues, but when you’re in this league, you are here to build an AFW career.

There is no outside promotion (or mention of other prediction  leagues)

doing so will result in a warning. Second offenses will result in -5 points. Third offense will result in a strike. And so on. FSGP is of course exempt as we have a great working relationship with them. 

Season 1 (10/14/2020-09/05/2021)
Season 2 (09/15/2021-09/04/2022)
Season 3 (09/28/2022-09/03/2023)
Earn/losing points:
* Win a match for 3 points.

*Losing, gets you 0 points

*Tie gets you 1 point

* Earn 2 extra points for successful title defenses
* Earn 5 extra points for winning a title
* Lose 5 points for losing your championship in a match
* Earn 1 extra bonus point for perfect score
* AFW Exclusive Special: Hey, it’s your birthday! Enjoy 10 free points on the house on your birthday.
* Written Promos are worth 1 point
* Video Promos are worth 2 points
* If you aren’t booked on a show but wish to cut a video promo via satellite that will be 2 points, regardless of injury.
* You can now purchase points. 1 point = $1.
* Invite A Friend Program Is Back. You will get 10 points for inviting a friend to AFW but they must compete for a full month before you receive 10 points.

championship Rules/Guidelines:
* Championships can only change hands if there’s a clear winner. Tiebreakers will only be used to give a Win or Loss, but it would be like a countout/DQ win. The champ would still retain.
* A championship must be defended within 30 days of winning the title not counting the days from the off-season.
* Championships cannot be traded, nor vacated because you want to add another one to your collection
* You can only hold one championship at a time; No double champs
* New In Season 3; Title contenders will be determined by a top 5 ranking. Cash-ins also get you title matches.
* New In Season 3; Only one title match per show. No defending 2x in one night. The only exception is on a PPV. It would be a cash-in on top of an earned title match by being top contender & the winner of the first match would suffer a -1 point deduction leading into the second title defense.
* New in Season 3; Championships (besides LIMITLESS & Pure Wreckage) will only be defended twice in a month. First dibs or everyone involved in match must agree to multi-man match if necessary.
* On PPV Months you can have three defenses one being on PPV night.

The LIMITLESS Championship:
* A TV Title being defended on weekly Mayhem programming in addition to PPVs as well.

1. Lucky 7 Rule. Like the rule David Lagana’s introduced for the NWA TV Championship, if the champ can manage 7 successful title defenses, the champion will receive a World Championship match immediately following the 7th successful defense. If they choose to challenge for the World Championship after their 7th successful defense they will have to relinquish the LIMITLESS Championship and a new champ will be crowned.
2. LIMITLESS is the name and limitless is what it will be! This title will be defended in a various ways. (Singles Match, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, Battle Royal, Elimination Tag Team, Handicap, Ect). There is no limit when it comes to the match type that comes along with this title. While there are no Co-Champions, scoring a pinfall over the champion in a tag match will award the new champ. In the result both challengers have the same time for tiebreaker, the champion will retain regardless of outcome.
3. There is no set points for a cash-in is place for this championship. TV Title matches are given to deserving opponents or people I feel need a push in the right direction. Or via open challenge.
4. A video promo prior to the title defense will guarantee that person +1 on their score for that night giving them a one up advantage. This is our version of a TV Title & we want to see your gorgeous smiling faces on TV. 

Cash-Ins for championship opportunities:
* 50 points gets you an AFW World Championship match.
* 50 points gets you a FNwrestling World Championship match.
* 50 points gets you an AFW Women’s or FN Women’s World Championship Match.
* 50 points combined with partner gets you an AFW Tag Team Championship.
* 45 points combined gets you a Trios Championship.
* 30 points gets you a North American Championship match.
* 30 points gets you a DTW Championship match.
* Pure Wreckage Championship rules: Reach out to GM Benji if you’re on Wreckage.
* Each brand will have their own sets of titles determined in the draft.
* AFW Tag Titles & Trios Titles - If you’re on the other brand and want to challenge for tag or trios titles, you must cash-in on a PPV or Special AFW Exclusive PPV Night.
* Also there are no automatic free rematches.

Cashing In Rules/Guidelines:
* During a titleholders reign with the belt, the price of a cash-in goes up by 10 each time a cash-in occurs on them. Once they lose the belt, the price resets for the new titleholder back to the original cost of the cash-in.
* You can cash-in for one championship in the span of 2 weeks; if you fail a cash-in you will have to wait a month before challenging for a championship again.
* If the person who cashes in gets injured taking them out of their title match, they will be awarded back their points and have the availability to cash in upon their return when the champ is able to defend.

Injury Rules/Guidelines:
* Injuring someone will cost you 10 points for 1 week and 20 points for 2 weeks
* Each person gets 2 injuries per season
* To protect the prestige of a championship if an injury causes a champion to not defend once in 45 days the championship will be vacated
* Same person can’t be injured more than once in the same month, or more than 4 times in a season.
* If someone chooses to injure a second person, it must be 30 days after injuring the first person and cannot be done simultaneously.
* If you have used up your allowed two injuries for the season.
* You may not reverse injuries this season.

PPV/AFW Exclusive Special Events/Stuff:
* Double or Nothing PPV will host our annual Faction Warzone match so make sure if you’re interested in participating to set at least 6 members for your faction by Memorial Day weekend.
* Annual Mr. AFW Tournament will begin this winter and finals will take place at the Revolution PPV.
* Newly annual Queen of AFW Tournament will also begin this winter and finals will take place at the Revolution PPV as well. Several women in the league claim to be Queen, but after this tournament we will see who the TRUE Queen really is!
* To be eligible for either tournament this season you must have made your AFW debut before or on 9/4/2022.
* This season not only will be doing weekly matches but each prediction night’s total points you earn will add up and the top three at the end of the season will win prizes. First place receiving the grand prize.
* Also we’re bringing back the first person to get 30 wins. Only during the first instead of the first three since there will be more prizes throughout the season.
* If you wish to be moved to the other brand, that’ll cost you 15 points and you can only do it once per season.

Other important details:
* Fatigue System: When competing in multiple matches on a card, you will lose a point for your second match.
* Failure to put in predictions will result in an automatic loss.
* If you need time off just be upfront with your General Manager and your wish will be granted.
* New in Season 3; Talk to your GM about getting on a schedule. X amount of matches a month. You don’t have to be full time, you don’t have to be part time. You can just make occasional appearances that’s cool too.

401K Hall of Fame Status:
1. Still costs 150 points to be inducted.
3. You must have a winning record.
4. You must have won a world championship in your AFW career as well as another championship to be eligible.
5. You have 2 days after the end of the season to cash in your points to be inducted.
6. You must inform a General Manager you would like to put your points in your 401K.
7. Inductions & ceremony will be at the end of the season. Once you save up 150 points in your 401K it’s there for good until you become eligible to be Hall of Fame status. The season you go into HOF, you must have a winning record throughout that season.

8. There's Perks! HOF members can not be traded with out thier permission 



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